Who's Who

Kehillat Ahavat Tzion exists wholly on the support of its membership. All our members play an active role in maintaining the smooth running and development of our Kehilla, whether in the spiritual, Chesed, educational, financial or functional spheres.

Our Va'ad (Committee) is an annually elected body which beyond fulfilling its own duties ,also oversees the progress of our volunteer committees. If you are interested in joining a committee, or for more information about the committees and their activities, please contact their representatives:



Rav Menachem Copperman, 054-473-1052 ,077-492-0357,


Naomi Barnett 054-468-4788
Clare Brook 054-566-5120
David Corre 054-533-9304
Shai Jaskoll 052-647-6611
Victor Ofstein 054-569-1116
Daniel Rosenfield 054-788-6451
Keith Shaw 054-288-5651


Jonathan Goldstein 054-448-8386


Daniel Raye, Head Gabbai 054-565-5136
Avi Tzur, First Minyan 999-6683
Keith Shaw, First Minyan Laining 054-288-5651
Noam Herrmann, Second Minyan 054-469-0491
Moshe Spievak, Second Minyan 999-9621
Stephen Hodes, Second Minyan Laining 991-4824

Education Committee

Medinah Korn 999-6895

Events Committee

Gabrielle Hodes, 991-4284,

Chesed Committee

Rochel Taragin, Head Representative, 999-6159,

Kiddush Committee

Gabrielle Hodes, 991-4284,

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Kehillat Ahavat Tzion, Nachal Timna 2 (corner of Nachal Dolev), Ramat Beit Shemesh